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phalanx_viridisJuly 12, 2014

so....who went today to the open house at JJ's in Vista, CA; and what did you score? I was there and there were A LOT of people but it wasn't as bad as I expected..sort of like Black Friday but with well-mannered people :) I scored one of the Cote D'or and some others :-x..even though I went to get Artistry, I didn't; when I saw Tangerine Dream in person, I had to get it!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

HI phalanx-

We were there visiting JJs open house and picked up a few goodies!!!
I scored a Jackie, Red Jack and a new one that John just announced yesterday... Monet..

It was a beautiful day, hot, humid.. I thought I was still in Virginia!! I'm talking Hot!!!

Pleasant people were willing to help out and a big shout out to Tomanydogs and her husband for sitting while we all looked and brought all of our treasures to one section to finally decide on what we needed and what we wanted!! Lol. Then, we let go of the ones that we decided that we didn't need!! Can you believe that? We actually decided to put some back!

Without the help of tomanydogs and her hubby, we wouldn't have been able to have the selection that we have. He is a trooper Allison... and I can't thank you enough for all that you did for us and the thoughtful gift that you gave to me. I love Hao's artwork and I will always think of you when I have my morning cup of coffee. You are so kind and it certainly was a pleasure meeting you and your wonderful husband.

I have you to thank for so many of my new collection. Mahalo, my friend!

Wish we could Have stayed longer to Have lunch with you , but hopefully next time we will make it to a sit down place where we can get cool and enjoy your company. I am truly thankful for everything you did for Peg and I

You are such a wonderful person. Thank you, my friend.



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BobTheWizard(CA 9)

Oh man... I missed it... I worked in the morning, and had a Birthday Party I had to be at (father in law) in the afternoon.

Good think I don't live far from JJ's... I'll have to stop by and look around at what's left...


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George and Peg, what did you 2 haul in?

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sounds like a fun time!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Just a peek of the action!!!


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wow laura you are lucky you got Monet! really cool! yes I heard of stories of ppl setting their picks aside, only to be swooped up by some plumeria bandits :( no bueno...having a baby-sitter for your picks is crucial! and yes, it was hot, blazing hot in those GHs...i think i drank 5 bottled waters to try to stay cool but was still sweating.

bob, when you go, check out the noids that are blooming, some are killer blooms and plants for a great price..i know he has some left.

laura, i saw your pic and i noticed that i am in it! haha! im in the teal shirt with the brown hat in the checkout line, I was schlepping a 5gal Red Hot up the line along with my other acquisitions....i wish i knew you would be there to say hi in person. Hopefully you will be back next year!


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Got Maggie (aka JJ Typhoon)! This was my goal walking through the JJ gates, so I am very happy ;-).

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I was being very good and walked out with Temptation and Desert Sunrise! Of course George had arranged a pick up a few days before of CS3 which is the one I really wanted.

Hand carried the 2 blooming ones on the plane and got lots of questions.

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I found this really "BIG" flower one at the open house
Or was it really tiny guy?

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


Those are great pics... Here is my stash as I was looking over my things!!!

I did put one back... Argh!! Still wish that I didn't. It must have been the heat, darn.. I'll get it sometime... ;-)

We also went to island Plumeria.. We scored there too!!! I bought San Germain and Mr Ambassador !! ;-). Loved to visit Matthew. He had some awesome trees too!!! I was given a gift for my birthday from my friend , George who received it from Irene Jones in the parking lot after the meeting.. It was a blooming Wildfire. Gorgeous!! Thank you !!

Wonderful time!!!


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Roxanne, I went to the "boneyard" discount section of the open house and picked up a couple of cool blooming plants that just needed some leaves trimmed or were unlabeled (and came at a great price). One turned out to be Tiger, one of my favorites (Allison found it) for $25, and the other Panitta's Red, which was an intense red, but John (JJ) warned me it would turn pink in the cooler temperatures where I lived. And yes, two days later, that happened! Liked the red better, but the pink is beautiful, too, and I have something to look forward to next time there's a heatwave!

Then at Island, I got a Mr. Ambassador, Elizabeth Thornton (which I didn't know was one of the original Morangnes that Bill Moragne hadn't named), and a Jean Moragne (have to thank Laura for that one - and it has an inflo!!!).

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wow...all such good times you had..... roxanne

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