Jalapeno Golden Cayenne cross??

BrownThumbMike(7)July 21, 2014

Last year I had a Jalapeno and Golden Cayenne plant in containers right next to each other. Both were Bonnie plants purchased from a big box store. Both plants produced well and I decided to save seed from them for this year.

Both batches of seeds had terrible germination rates. I never got the golden Cayenne to germinate and only got one jalapeno plant to popup. This plant was slow to grow but started producing pretty well lately. Now to the question.

The Plant looks like a Jalapeno, same leaves, color, structure, etc. The pods on the other had look like a mix of both. They are have the deep green of the jalapeno but are shaped more like a chunky Cayenne. The flesh is thinner like a cayenne and full of seeds. I only ate two that were not full ripe and they were very mild. Less heat than a normal jalapeno. The taste was similar to a jalapeno. My other peppers of the same age (Thai and Birds Eye) were also very mild at the time of tasting. This has changed in recent weeks so the initial heat of this cross might have changed with maturity. I will have to test a more mature pod.

Do you think this is a result of the bonnie plant being some hybrid and the second gen is showing mutations or did my Cayenne and Jalapeno make nasty talk last year?

Maybe they will turn Yellow when mature?? It will be interesting to see how these play out.
The pepper pictured below is 5" long and about 3/4" across.

Any ideas?

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

I think it's a hybrid. I too have grown jalapeno and cayenne (and serrano) side by side and gotten the "chunky cayenne" or "long jalapeno" volunteers the next year. So they seem to like each other quite a bit as the "let's do the nasty" rate is relatively high.

Good peppers, too. Low heat but lots of tasty jalapeno-like flesh.

BTW, your germination rates should be well over 90% with last-year seeds from these plants. How are you drying and storing your seeds?


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good info. Thanks

I collected seeds from Ripe pods and laid them on a paper plate and set them in a cool dry location for several months. I then transferred them to a zip lock bag after they fully dried.

I used the same process for other peppers last year and i had no issues with their germination rate. (Bells, Thai, etc...)

Maybe it was a handling issue or i just happened to pick all the dud seeds from the batch i saved :)

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

The only thing I'd do differently is store in the fridge. But that really shouldn't make much of a difference over so short a time.

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