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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)February 22, 2010

I found an old printed reference to a 1700 observation* that sometimes stem girdling would result in a swelling on the stem just above where the phloem was removed. In some cases, roots could then be grown from the swollen regions.

I am going to try this on a small limb of a maple tree that is going to be removed anyway. My thought is to girdle the limb and if it swells cut it off and treat it as a woody cutting. What is not clear from the old article is how much phloem to remove. All of it down to the xylem? All of it completely around the limb?

* Perhaps one Damuel du Monceau to whom I can find no online reference.

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Have use a modification of this method on hard to root plants..... Remove the bark & cambian compleatly around the branch... I remove about a 4 inch long strip & make sure it is = on both sides of the node..... I then apply rooting hormone wrap the wound in wet long fiber peat moss then cover with plastic so the peat will stay damp for up to 3 months..... it is a slow process & I also keep a 30cc syringe & nedle so I can inject water in the peat.
You will see the roots coming through the peat & growing along the plastic....

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