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digital_photo_bug(z5 MO)March 25, 2005

Hello everyone, this is my first post in the professional gardner forum but I have been lurking here on and off for quite awhile reading posts. I know some of you out there have experience in dealing with and working in big box stores all over the country, hence my post to your forum. I have the opportunity to possibly work at one of these stores...not exactly for the store itself but for a company that brings the plants in for the vendors. Mainly perennials and annuals. From what I know (which, granted isn't much at this time), they unload the plants and set up the displays. No watering/maintenance or anything like that. I have an interview tomorrow to find out more details, but I'm wondering if anyone here knows anything (or has any opinions) on this type of work. What's involved, pros and cons, anything you think I should know. They are offering pretty good money (and benefits) for my area of the country, so that's one good thing it's got going for it right off the bat. By the way, just to tell you a little about me: I've worked in this general area (horticulture I guess you'd say) for several years. First as a manager of a farm and more recently as a landscaper installing perennial and annual beds. Please, let me know anything you can! Thanks!

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creatrix(z7 VA)

Sounds like a lot of totin' and haulin' to me.

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