Tell me about the Habanero Tree?

tlowery04(6b/7a)July 20, 2010

So I heard it mentioned on a few other posts i was reading but am slightly perplexed.

Does the tree grow tall only if you suspend it from the ceiling with string to hold it up?

is the base wide enough to support the weight?

will an established tree have to be overwintered inside? or is it safe to leave outside with a thick layer of mulch or hay?

and if i were to get one and grow it in a pot, how often does the pot need to be changed up? in order to get say a 5 foot indoor tree i want to make sure it wont take a 25 gallon pot or something huge... otherwise it can stay outside and overwinter in my garden shed...

and lastly - where would i buy the seeds for it? i have seen a number of seed houses with hab seeds but no hab trees via google.

Thank you!


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Habanero de Arbol isn't a C.Chinense.
I think it's an Annuum that has a lot of C.Baccatum characteristics (cold tolorant and taste along with pod shape).

Mine was about 10+ ft. tall before I trimmed it several years ago.
Now it is roof height in a 15 gal. pot.
i changed the soil for the first time last year,it's pushing 10 yrs. old.

these were just sprouted this year.

Original plant


It likes cool weather and doesn't like heat (95-100 degrees)very much more than a couple weeks in a row.
It fruits in early spring,mid winter and fall.
My tree has pods almost year round.

Once you trim it it stays that height.Don't trim a small one or you won't get a tree.
Mine only get about 4-6ft. high the first year.

They seem to prefere to be slightly root bound.Mine didn't do well after re potting until it re filled the container with it's roots the next season.
It can handle 30 degree night. for about 3 days before it shows stress.
It doesn't get that cold here for more than a couple days a year here.
It only lkes ferts. about 2 times a year maybe 3.It is a mountain variety used to growing in poor soil-so I was told.

The seeds I got were originaly from S.America(I forget where) aned grown out by a nursery for sale.
The story I was told goes as follows...
A guy went home to wherever and braught back the seeds to grow for lunch at work.
He worked at a nursery.
The plant got 10+ft. tall and customers commented on it so they grew it for sale.
The first year they couldn't grow enough of them - people liked their looks.
The second year they couldn't give them away.
Everyone who baught one either found out how easily they overwintered or didn't like how big they get and how hot the pods are.
Either way everyone who wanted one had one from the first year.
This year is the first year in about 4 yrs. I see them for sale at nurseries.

The pods are hot and have a slight C.Baccatum taste.
In Mexico etc. a lot of the hotter peppers are refered to as habanero wether they are actually C.Chinense or not.They use it as a generic name for a lot of the hotter unknown peppers.

I've spread a lot of these seeds around over the last 8-10yrs.
MI do have seeds for trade or SASBE.
E Mail me.

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Would this "tree" take well to being moved inside for the winter with no artificial light?

I live in a place that basically has no sunshine all winter so there would not be much light at all but I am dying to overwinter some peppers and have them live for several years in pots .

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It's a very tolorant plant.
I've never had to overwinter it indoors.
I only start stuff inside here in S. Ca.
I can grow mostly year round.
Can't hurt to try.

I do grow some stuff indoors with LEDs and Fluorescent grow lights though.
For full grown plants I'd probably put a few shop lights vertically around the plant for light instead of horizontally.

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If I could be like you smokemaster. You are the shiat!

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As a side note.
I put full spectrum grow lights in my kitchen fixtures.
I have fluorescent lights in the ceiling.I take the plastic cover off.
See reflection of them in my window pic.
I don't use only 1 temp. of bulb either so I can cover the blues and red wavelengths that plants need as close as I can.
I have a 4 bulb and a 2 bulb fixture in my ceiling.

T12's 40 watt

The bulbs are :

V tech 93F (T10 bulbs-best for everything but cost $$$$$)
6700K color
3240 Lumens
Plants love these-grow , fruit and flower under these.

Philips Plant and Aquarium
1600 Lumens
2700K Color

Philips natural Sunshine
5000K color
2950 Lumens

Ott Light for plants-JUNK,don't buy
not bright enough and my plants don't like them much.
Also overpriced.

If you have fluoros in you kitchen I think 12-18 hrs. of light like mine give off will keep your plant alive overwinter.

Replace your room lights with the screw in compact fluoros if you have no windows.
Dim light is better than none.
You'll have to take lamp shades etc. off though unless you set the plants under or next to the lights.

The red tint in the room is from red and blue LEDs.
You can kind of see the fluoros are Blue tint and yellow with one being pinkish if you look at the ceiling not the bulbs in the pic.
Especially in the 2 bulb fixture-one side is yellow (wall side)and the other is blueish.The 4 bulb has 2 blueish and 2 pinkish bulbs.

LEDs are too bright for the camera-filter goes on.All the room lights are actually on but the room looks dark.
LEDs are VERY Bright.

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