Fast Grape Propagation

jbabin387February 6, 2010

Hello, doing a bit of an experiment with a friend and it may sound ridiculous but if you can offer any advice it would be much appreciated!

I need to start from a seed of any grape species and bear one peice of fruit within 180 days. These would be grown indoors (it is winter and there is snow) under any conditions that would promote the quickest propagation possible. I am willing to grow these in soil, or by other means and willing to grow any species. A single grape is needed, it does not need to be healthy or even edible.

Does anyone think this is remotely possible? It would be great to hear an idea! Thanks!

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Not likely in 180 days for several reasons. Grape seeds are not dependable as far as growing bearing plants are concerned, but there are exceptions. Most grape plants are started from cuttings to save time and they take 2 years at least.

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