Sage cutting ?

rane_grow(7 soMD)February 24, 2011

Hi everyone , I was lucky enough to be given 2 sage cuttings, everything I have searched on GW mentions pineapple sage and I don't think this is pineapple sage ... how do I get these cuttings to root ? I trimmed the ends at an angle and put them in water temporarily until I find out what I should do . Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated .


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I presume you have softwood or terminal cuttings. Leave a leaf or two if leaves are small, if large cut them in half. Start in a container of a loose well draining mix, mostly perlite works. Dip the cut surface in a weak hormone powder and insert into the mix. Cover the container with a clear plastic cover supported to keep off the plant, to maintain the humidity. Set the container in a container of water for a short time to hydrate the mix. Keep the container in normal house temperatures, around 70 degrees. Every couple of days you will need to remove the plastic turn it inside out to remove excess moisture and give the cutting a little fresh air. Put the plastic right back on. In two to four weeks it should start growing roots. If you can leave the plastic off for 30 minutes without wilting the cutting should have roots. Al

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rane grow 7, did the sage root?

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