Best Aphid control

farmgarden(z4-5)March 7, 2006

Hello all -

It is seedling time in the greenhouse and I am noticing small populations of aphids starting up. All of my stock plants that are used for propagation have been dosed with Marathon and seem very clean - just need to zap the buggers on the annuals.

Years ago I used a chemical called Pirimor and it worked very well without burning any foliage or flowers - anything like it on the market these days?

I have tried soap insecticides but need something a little more effective and thorough - any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Jeff

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A couple of good chemical controls for aphids are:

Marathon II spray: only takes a little bit and kills the suckers right away. By the next day, you can't tell they were ever there.

Endeavor: We have used this chemical with very good results against aphids.

Those would be my two choices. Interested to hear what anyone else has to say.

BTW, I'm sure there are some pretty good biological controls to fight aphids. Unfortunately, I am not very well educated in all their specifics, so I will leave that topic to someone else.

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Diddo on the Endeavor. It's targeted to whitefly and aphids, it starves them to death. How cool is that! Only thing is it comes in a package to be mixed with a 100 gallons of water. If you want a smaller qty you have to call the manufacture to find out what the ratio is for smaller amounts. I believe it 2/3 a teaspon per gallon.
But call them to make sure.

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Thank you both for the information.


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