Dahlia cuttings

ceaser7(z5 NW INDIANA)February 26, 2013

I am having problems with damping off.
The cuttings are approx 3", dipped in Clonex rooting hormone. I am trying styrofoam cups, with Miracle Grow potting soil, unheated, 7" humidity dome, in a window with indirect sunlight.

trying this starting today;

I just put one cutting in a 72 cell tray, with Miracle Grow potting soil, on a heated mat, ( soil temp is 78 dgr ), under 4' grow lights.
I cleaned my trays in a bleach solution...
Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

latin name please ...

are these tuber cuttings???

a quick look at google might suggest your temps are to high.. and w/o the mat.. i suspect too cold ... especially near a window in winter in IN .... at night ....

is you medium fertilizer free??? .. did you sterilize that??? .. how peaty is it???


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ceaser7(z5 NW INDIANA)

Thanks for replying Ken.
Just looked, yes the potting mix does have fertilizer.
No I did not sterilize potting soil.
I was wondering about the temp swings, being next the window myself.
As for Latin names, I don't know.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5


you didnt answer the tuber question ..

i would suggest a ROOTING soil-less mix.. rather than a POTTING mix ... see the difference, in words alone?? ... peat hold a lot of water.. and many things need temp and humidity.. but rot in too much water ...

i dont know my dahlia family offhand.. are these florist dahlia.. or backyard D??? ... i dont even know if that will make a difference..

and i would prefer to be in charge of fert AFTER they root.. rather than having it in your media ...

and finally.. if you were doing this under alights.. which generates heat .. you could tent the whole group.. and use the lights to temper temp swings .. [when i did such indoors.. in winter.. in the great white north.. i ran the lights all night long.. when the furnace kicked down ... and tented the light right in with the plants [making sure it was fully grounded, of course] ... so they did NOT get as cold for half the day/night

i am going to guess.. you are new to all this.. and suggest you are trying to learn.. with a hard plant.. if you tried some of the easier stuff to increase your learning curve.. then move on to harder stuff.. you might be better off ... like coleus ... begonia.. etc ... and in dealing with easier ones... you will learn how to deal with media.. lights.. humidity .. temperature .. all the other variables ... and then try the hard stuff ...

what i wish someone would chime in about.. is whether there is a difference between florist dahlia ..... and what i think of as the giant outdoor dahlia ... and that is why i asked about what species.. what kind you are dealing with ... i thought there are actual some that are treated like annuals and seed grown.. the little ones.. and the tuber type .. and i might suspect one can be propagated thru cuttings.. and one thru tuber division ... and if you are trying the wrong method.. with the wrong plant ...

i just dont know..

i wish you luck


ps: this is where someone chimes in and says type doesnt matter.. and they are easy as pie ... lol ...

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ceaser7(z5 NW INDIANA)

Thanks for the input. Sorry for the oversite, these cuttings are being taken from tubers. I have read that Dahlias are easy to propagate. I'm always trying to learn as much as I can. And hopefully I'll find the technique that works for me.

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