Growing Nuts In Containers

MizMelody2001April 12, 2013

I live in Oklahoma, in zone 7, where I am renting a small house with a small yard. In an effort to save money and eat healthier, I am growing various berry bushes and dwarf fruit trees in large plastic tubs. I hope to buy land in the future, but it may be many years before it is affordable. I would like to grow hazelnuts (Dorris and Yamhill) and Almonds (All in One) in large containers (that aren't too big to move when we need to) but I am not sure that this is doable long term. I would like to ask the more experienced gardeners for their advice. Also, would the Dorris and Yamhill cultivars successfully cross pollinate so that they would both produce nuts? I am also interested in obtaining a couple of the dwarf bush Carpathian walnut trees that Garfield Shults reportedly has for sale, but I have not be able to contact him or anyone else who may have them for sale. I would appreciate any advice or suggestions anyone may have. Thank you.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I find it difficult to rustle up enthusiasm for this project. I strongly suggest that you devote your container growing to the vast number of veggies that do so well within the constraints of a container. Woody plants.....not so much, especially nut trees.....especially not for ' many' years.

Check out the Container Forum for advice.

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