Red osier dogwood cuttings

nyssaman(Z6 ON)February 24, 2006

About 4 weeks ago, I went and grabbed about 50 cuttings - 15 inches long of red os dogwood. I threw them in a large white pail of about 5 inches of water and stuck it in the basement. Last week I checked and there are the beginnings of fruiting and leafing out - but im trying to get roots. 2 questions A) should I cut the new growth - so the energy can go to the roots

B) how long before they start to root? I see swollen bumps along the cutting under the water is that where they will start - on these bumps.

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apermann(z6 ID)

rooting without the help of heating pads or hormones can take quite a while with this species. If you are getting top growth that is good in that your plants are not dying although if you are getting flowers or fruits as you say you should pinch these off as they can inhibit rooting. Normal leaf growth is fine. The bumps you see are callus formation and this is a sign that your roots are or should be growing soon. Patients is the key with cuttings. good luck

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