Is What You Say You're Selling REALLY What You're Selling?

gardengumApril 24, 2012

I bought some grapevine cuttings recently, different varieties, and was thinking "why couldn't I grow grapevines and sell them?" I can of course. But I'm a newbie so,,,

I noticed many gravevine cuttings look exactly the same.

How can I be sure the "concord grapevine" I got was really a "concord"? Is there a way to verify this? Some sort of test? Can I send it somewhere for testing?

My initial thought is "buy from a reputable dealer" but that isn't good enough, they could have gotten the shipping mixed up, it's easy to make mistakes, or they could never have verified the vine.

I would hate to sell a bunch of "concord grapevines" just to find out down the road they weren't really concords at all.

Grapes are just one example. I also recently purchased willow cuttings and they can get confusing to keep track of the types and, How can i be sure they are the type i think they are?

Thanks Much


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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

All you can do with the grapes is wait until they fruit. Likewise, with the willows you have to wait until they have developed to a point where characteristic features are presented, if you cannot tell them apart yourself at the stage they are at now.

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thanks bboy:

so you are saying that you visually inspect them for known characteristics?

is there a better way? that seems like it could get subjective with "taste" or "color" etc.

And what about a blueberry bush I have that I know nothing about other than it's a blueberry bush given to me?

I should find a list of all known cultivars of blueberries characteristics (i'm presuming this would be very long) and start going down the list doing my best guesses or just sell it as a "blueberry bush unknown" or something else?


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