dwarf peach

rob_peace(VIC Aust)February 20, 2013

I have several dwarf peach/nectarines. some ornamental types and 2 fruiting types. this year some suckers arose from the rootstocks so i took the opportunity to graft/bud a peach variety given to me by a friend. The hope was to create another dwarf plant which i could separate off later. The newly grafted peach is growing well but appears not to be dwarfed by the rootstock. So, the question is : What went wrong?! Why did the newly grafted peach escape the effects of the dwarfing rootstock?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

who says the root system on yours is dwarfing ... are you presuming.. or do you know???

though you will get general theory here.. there are some peeps in the fruit forum who i have never seen here ...


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rob_peace(VIC Aust)

Hi, Ken. Two of my ornamental peaches are prunus persica 'alboplena' and 'versicolor'. these are old varieties and not normally dwarf but are on the rootstock i bought them on. but as my own budded effort seems not to be dwarf, I'm hoping someone can point out where my error is!

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