Numex Twilight and Other Ornamentals

kentishmanJuly 28, 2014

I've been growing a few ornamentals for a couple of years. This year they're doing well, so I thought I'd share some pictures since there's been a lot of interest in them recently.

Starting at top left and going clockwise, the four are Bolivian Rainbow, Numex Twilight, Tricolor Variegata, and Biquinho Iracema. I've pulled off the lower leaves so there's a trunk. and I hope to keep them looking like bonsais. I plan to overwinter them.

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Good looking plants, are the peppers good to eat ? I've noticed on my thai hot ornamental that they are a blast of heat but the flavor is not that great. I have a few Brazilian rainbow seeds for next seasons plants.

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Great looking plants there. The Biquinho Iracema pods look really cool, just like Christmas ornaments. Would you by chance be able to post a separate pic of it? Thank you.

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See my other post:for a better picture:

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