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clarkinks(5b)February 1, 2014

It's getting to be that time of year again and many of us are acquiring scion wood, checking rootstocks etc.. This year I am going to change my grafting methods slightly and wanted to get your opinions. My older trees I use rind grafts on and have close to 100% success. My whip grafting techniques are good but have a lot of room for improvement. I had one grafted tree break off I whip grafted after a couple of years. This year I will be trying saddle, cleft, and side grafts to improve my techniques. What are your favorite techniques and why do you use them and when? This is also my first year to try an actual tool instead of a grafting knife. I did some test saddle grafts with it and they literally fit like a key in a lock. Here are my current thoughts apple and pear I'm sticking with rind grafting because it works flawlessly and the rootstocks are big. Do you have a better method? Cherry and apricot I will perhaps use a side, saddle, or cleft graft but what are your favorite techniques on stone fruit and why? I have lots of experience grafting apples and pears but not cherries and few other stone fruits. I'm not a novice to grafting though I'm more the type that keeps on doing my old tricks good or bad because they are what I'm used to. I realize if I used a saddle graft instead of a whip graft that tree would likely not have broke off at the graft. Experience is a great teacher.

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If anyone needs how to videos on grafting I would suggest checking out this channel . The purpose of this question is more related to stone fruit grafting techniques vs. pome fruit grafting techniques and when and why to change methods. Many of us have a very distinct set of tools that we use. For me personally I like tanglefoot sealer, actual grafting tape, I use toilet wax ring instead of grafting wax strictly because it's less expensive, crescent wrench to match size of scion wood, victorinox knife, clippers, saws etc.. and then my signature methods I always use as mentioned are whip and rind grafts. Recently I had an expert mention to me that I should use side grafts for apricots instead of my planned method of rind grafts. I am experimenting this year top working Manchurian apricots over to honey peaches and prunus besseyi to hybrid plums.

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I mentioned earlier we are trying a standard grafting tool for use with saddle grafts etc. We chose the Italian model which has been impressive in tests.

Here is a link that might be useful: Grafting Tools

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I'm buying some scions from Robert Purvis and on the order form,he recommends side grafting for stone fruits this Spring. Brady

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Bob is very knowledgeable and recommended side grafts to me as well. I went over and grafted the neighbors wild peach over to reliance today using both rind and side grafting techniques and left a big feeder limb. I will let you know if you want which if either takes better. He has a great unknown apple variety that I got some scion wood from while I was there. I suspect it could be a staymans winesap but I'm only guessing. The apples took forever to produce and when I ate some last year was wowed by them.

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Here is a tip I got from someone with Dave Wilson Nursery. These are carpet cutters that produce a nice long tapered cut on scions for budding or grafting. One minor problem is the thin slice of bark at the lower end that can interfere with insertion. I clip it off before proceeding.

One nice thing about these is that the blade is reversible and replaceable.

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Very nice DigDigDig,thanks. Brady

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I love those carpet cutters where do you get them?

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Where can I get that in Europe? I'm looking for this but can't find it. Or a shop that sends abroad? :-)

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