green leaf japanese maple cuttings

amy44(7b)February 19, 2012

I had to cut a green leaf maple back due to a squirrel jumping from it onto the roof and going into the house. The branches are 4-6' long. Can I use them to grow a tree?

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You can use seeds,cuttings & grafting.
If your tree was grafted, then you need to graft on to seeding plants.
Try it, you may end up with some good plants.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i think the short answer is no ....

as i presume you have no grafting ability.. nor any understock hanging around ...

and the odds are low that they will root .. without perfect timing and a greenhouse with perfect variables ....

i dont know off hand.. but whatever small odds there might be in rooting.. the process most likely does NOT involve old wood after winter ... and if my guess is wrong.. i will defer and stand corrected ...

in the alternative.. stick a couple in a small pot.. with damp media.. and cover it with a one gallon baggie.. and put it in the shade somewhere.. and check back in sept ... who knows.. weirder things have happened ....


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