frozen annuals

daisy__3(z3MN)April 10, 2007 greenhouse furnace went out a few days ago and most of my annuals turned black...but the roots still look very there any chance that I might be able to revive them?? I trimed off all rotted foilage on the tops but roots still lookin good.....I think this is my last year in the greenhouse .......has this happened to anyone and with what results??

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I thought someone with acres of experience might jump in to help a fellow out daisy but you did the right thing and they will come back. In fact, they may even be better for it.

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Thanks Inkognito, I needed to hear that!! A few have tiny green leaves starting to appear this morning.... So life might be good again...daisy

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Be patient and not too discouraged! Make sure you do not overwater since most transpiration has almost stopped. It is temporary...just use good housekeeping sense to keep sanitation levels and circulation high so you don't encourage root-rot and foliar fungus problems.
Remove loose foliage, water sparingly when necessary, perhaps use a fungicide as a precaution(especially for varieties that are highly susceptable).
Do not over fertilize, particularly if you have slow release incorporated in the potting media. If you are using a water soluble, continuous feeding program, reduce to 100-150ppm of 20-10-20*. I think you will be able to recover most varieties except for the most tender annuals such as Impatiens, Celosia, Lobelia, Torenia. Also, try to feed when the soil is slightly moist and not actually dry.(That may preclude the chance of burning the newly emerged tender foliage)

*Typically, I like to use the 20-10-20 formulations during the cool season and use tailored formulations for specific crops.
I hope this is is it progressing?

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Thanks farmerfields, some are coming out of it but I had to toss many ... I figured after this long there wasn't much hope...this will be my last year with the greenhouse...I am too old for this .....I will miss my customers very much...

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