too hot for palm seeds???

jojofshby(9b/10a)April 22, 2009

I have recently gone the venture of growing some rare varieties of palm seeds from an online source. I followed recomendations about soaking, germination mediums,methods, etc etc. My question is what temperature is too hot for palm seed germination.i know that between 80-90F, is ideal. I have purchased over 40 different varieties of palm,bannana, and agave seeds. And used the bag method as well as heatmats to increase germination but the temp has increased in Naples,Fl over the days to about 88-95F day time and 70F at nite.I decided to check the temps of some of the bags and too my dismay some of them had reached 116F. Did i cook my seeds and lose any chance of viability? They were on heatmats for about a week and a half. The soil remained moist in all the bags.HELP!!! Did i just kill all those seeds?!?!!

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The ideal temp is SOIL TEMPERATURE not air temp.
are you direct sowing if not shade cloth will reduce air temp 10-20 degrees & therefore soil temp.....

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