eupatorium capillifolium elegant feather- dog fennel

cheerpeopleMarch 28, 2007

Just the names on this one is a mouthful!

I'm confused with the conficting info on the web.

Can it be done from seed?

Could it be overwintered in zone 5 as a housplant if cut back?

How do I start a cutting?

The 4 seasons? plant co. claims it is sterile.

Daves Garden claims it is a self sowing invasive in the south ( not a problem in my zone 5 apparently)

Perhaps someone can tell me the scoop on this one. And perhaps how long it would take to grow a tall specimen from a cutting or seed. We have a short summer here. THX!


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taxonomist(7b VA)

Capillifolium simply means capillary-leaved Eupatorium and YES here in central Virginia it is a somewhat invasive weed. It often attains a height of six feet and has an aromatic foliage altho very feathery. A few gardeners use it as a tall background specimen. The flowers are small, white often with purplish tints and borne in small racemes.
It would be a real novelty...not difficult to control.

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