FREE red twig dogwood cuttings

fgomez(6 Philadelphia)March 6, 2006

3 free cuttings of Red twig dogwood are yours in exchange for a self addressed stamped envelope. A standard size envelope will do (cuttings are less than 5 inches long), 38 cents in stamps is enough. I have plenty of these, no need to ask, I will be shipping them until the end of March. Cuttings come with easy planting instructions.

Send your self addressed stamped envelope to

Frank Gomez

12 Brook Circle

Glenmoore PA 19343

I will send you your cuttings via first class mail the same day I receive your envelope.

Last year some people sent me stamps... no return address. I need to have an envelope with the stamps stuck on it.

Last year also I mailed over 400 envelopes with cuttings during March.

Please do not ask for more than 3.

Do not send manila envelopes.

Do not send blank envelopes

Do not send stamps

NO I don't use bubble wrap.

I don't give away envelopes, only cuttings.

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

No one has taken the time to answer you so.... try the forum that deals with trading/exchange of plants

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tanyamoniq(Z8 NE TX)

I'm definitely taking you up on that. Even though I'm a newbie to all this, I fell in love with dogwoods many years ago at my first Dogwood Festival in Woodville, TX, and have always wanted to have some in my yard since. That is very generous of you! I LOVE Gardenweb!!

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daneh(5 So. ME)

sent a sase out today....thanks so much

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keilamarie(z5 Mass)

Yes, I sent mine out to you too! I just never responded on here because it sounded like "just go ahead and send me it" kind of thing, no need to ask. I have always admired red twig dogwood and I can't thank you enough!


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Jean Hidden

Shouldn't it be 39 cents in stamps, not 38 cents? (I just noticed that).

By the way, very generous of you, and definately appreciated!! I love the Garden Forums also!


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LMK if you still have any I'd love to have some!

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barbuk(z5 MI)

Many thanks for the cuttings, Barb

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Thank you SOOO much.
I would love to have some cuttings.
I am new here & appreciate your offer very much.

Sending SASE
Thank you again,

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karen_b(6a s.c. PA)

Would you mind explaining how you propogated the cuttings. I would like to propogate some of my own and was wondering the best way.
Thank you

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queenamy(Zone Seven)

I sent you email, wondering if you are still sending?


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Thanks, Frank. Your labels are great, and the cuttings look wonderful! Much appreciated,
Polly Hutchison

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Hi Frank, I realize that it's already the end of April, but are you still sending cuttings out? I would be interested in some if you still are..... Thanks, Sandy

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eileen44_gardener(4 Central Vermont)

I'm new to this garden website/ is April 19, 2008...the postings I'm reading are 2 years old!...I just picked up 6 redtwigs this morning for barely $5.00 each...last year's inventory at the garden center...they are at least 24 inches, maybe 1 or 2 are closer to 30+....I gave them all a good drink...will work on getting them in the ground this coming week while on vacation. I think they are all of the same variety...the tags all say, Elegant...2 have no tags!...twigs appear fairly young, they are thin and a burgundy color!....But to the kind gentleman who was giving away 3 free cuttings nearly 2 years ago...or to anyone else, are there any free offers available this spring? Thanks to everyone for such useful was this forum that convinced me that the redtwigs would be perfect for my garden needs...a colorful living "boundary" between my front yard and the road...with neighbors and their dogs walking by...on my lawn...!...I am most anxious to get these babies in the ground and have them start growing....thanks again....Eileen

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