thosedarnsqurls(Up-State NY 5)January 5, 2008

I reeeally hate writing a negative review,

and nothing would please me more, than having to write a retraction to this, (if by some miracle,...a box or email DOES show up.)

But,.....Erin/healing32eire/dancingwithnature has had my nice big box of healthy plants for about a month now, raved about what lovely "specimens" they were,...and still has not sent her end and is now not answering my emails.

Lovely conversationalist, but deadbeat trader.

Traders BEWARE!

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She pulled the same thing with me. Nice emails prior to the trade and an equally nice email when she received the package that I sent. She apologized that she was running a bit behind sending her end of the trade. That was a while ago and now she won't respond to my emails.

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Same thing happened to me. She puts on a great facade and promises more to send more than what she originally said. I lost some great plants in two separate shipments, one of which cost me $41-plus to ship. After reading the previous messages exposing her, i suspect she will come back under another identity with a little different approach. As a matter of fact, I think she IS back under another name. Be extremely wary!

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eclpsprinc(Z9 CA)

Oh my goodness! She scammed me too! Same experiences as above. I sent her a box loaded with different Canna rhizomes and seeds. She's been very pleasant via email and full of promises. I've been waiting since November for her end of the trade. Traders beware on this one. She's made me wary about trading plants with anyone on GW. It sucks to lose $$ that way as plants are not cheap to send.

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Never thought so, but she got me too - great storyteller - I'm sure it's all fictional too. Doesn't respond to emails now either. This is one member who should be banned.

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I don't think I've ever traded with Erin -Healing, just got to thinking, as it does make one think when someone gets raves and then negative remarks, something might have happened beyond anyone's expectation? No emails at all, makes you wonder.
Read her page and she's from Ireland, could it be she had to travel there on a last minute notice? Let's hope she and family are well, if all she is doing is snatching plants and seeds, she's got a problem and I feel sorry for you all and hope you file a complaint with post office. Good luck.


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Hi, how are you?
I do see, and appreciate your words, although one too many "The box is sent" or is going out tomorrow" several times in a row - kind of tells us what's going on.

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Hi Santoury, doing okay, what about you? Kind of boring landscape with so many frozen plants ,but they will all return, can't wait til spring.

Okay, when was the last time someone heard from Healing?
May be she meant to get into sending it all and something came up? Has she been posting around under another name?
Anyone wrote to her by snail mail?
I understand and know some can be charming and earn enough trust then disappear, it'd be interesting to see what is behind this issue.

glad for the honest majority.

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thelwig55(Zone 5)

She has posting on roundrobins Newbie project, if you all are hunting for her!

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Searched for her posts and couldn't find any, but I did find new info on her Positive reviews! Her son emailed someone she had been seriously injured in January. Hope she is ok.


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bigred(z8 Ark.)

I sent her a trade of seeds 1/20/08. My computer bit the dust so I snail mailed her 1/28/08 about seeds I sent and asking about the ones she owed me...never heard from her so I snail mailed again 3/10/08....still nothing. I guess if she had an accident that explains it and I wish her a speedy recovery but if she's posting recently,on other forums,I guess I can just write off the seeds I sent her and forget about the ones she owes me.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

healing32eire has returned and now Has a New Member Name. She is now going by the name of purpleflora.
She is Erin from IL and does not put her location (state abbreviation) in her profile, so it does not show on her page.

btw...That sends up a red flag alert with me, that they 'might' be a returning member and thus have something they want to hide before getting some trades in.


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Wow, after reading this and seeing a post from her under a different name (purpleflora), I'm even more leary now to trade. I don't know what to do. Have heard from a person that is very alusive about herself and wants to trade with me. When i first started trading in here a month ago, my first trade was so bad, I almost gave up on gardenweb...can't take another hit that that. How can I prevent this from happening again? The first person was someone that wanted unusual seed...expensive seed (tea tree and different kinds of alpine strawberry seeds among many others) i was so excited about trading, i did go overboard so alot of it was my fault for trusting to much. Hate to insist that they send their end first. Anyone have other ideas?

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claysoil(z6 PA)

As hard as it is to make a negative post, this one saved me. I had a big box sitting on my dining room table to be mailed the next morning to someone named purpleflor. I had never traded with her before, but she was so nice in her emails. I decided to do a search for her on rate and review and thought it strange that her user name did not come up at all. I expanded my search and found this thread and it sure sounded like the Erin in Illinois that my box was addressed to. I then contacted the 5 people who had made negative comments about her. Each one of them has confirmed that they mailed their boxes to the same address that mine was going to. Needless to say, my box is not going anywhere unless the box she was to mail to me on Monday 4-20 arrives. I would feel bad trading with someone who owes others plants.

My thinking is that if she really had an accident, that does not change that she is feeling good enough now to be actively looking for new trades while she still owes people plants. If you search under her new name, you will see that she is actively looking for more trades. And if she is an honest trader, why did she change her user name?

I give sincere thanks to the members who posted here to warn the rest of us. You saved me! If her box arrives in the next couple of days I'll certainly return to let everyone know. She told me that she would contact me when she shipped and she has not done that. BUT, she said she was going to ship on Monday and did not contact me to say otherwise when she knew I was to ship mine.

If she has a hard luck story for me...well, I can only take coincidence so far...and the fact remains that she is arranging new trades while she has not come through on others.

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I recently made a trade with someone and they was to mail the trade the day before i mailed mines. I mail her a lot of seeds and she wont ever return my email her name is Mandy Risher

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

One should not post a full name here...Per the Forum Instructions:do not reveal personal information -- such as last names -- without the member's permission.

If you know the Member's name, I suggest you do a search on the member name here to see if there is an existing thread, and add your review to it. If there is none, then start a new thread with the Member Name (only) in the Subject Of Posting Line....and then relate the details of your trade transaction. Occasionally after leaving a negative review, the member learns of it, and is then willing to take care of the problem.



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Just a suggestion, and some of you may have already done it.

It is against gardenweb policy to have more than one member id. So when you see a situation like this when a bad trader is creeping up under another user name, have you tried reporting it to gardenweb. I'm sure that most of you have proof of same address etc that you can provide and all they have to do is quickly look at their records.

Food for thought. It might be a way to stop them in their tracks.

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