Laser Targeting Range Finders

mich_in_zonal_denialApril 6, 2005

Any one using one ?

I am thinking of purchasing one and wondered what experience others may have had.

Looking at the Sonin Electric Distance Measurers - from Datapint at about $45.oo bucks.

Wonder about the strength and visability of the Laser in strong sunlight.

I have a problem sometimes with reading my laser level in strong sunlight and was wondering how strong the beam is on the laser target range finder.

Also there seems to be a Sonin Mulit Measure Combo Pro but says it works best with 2 people which sort of defeats my whole purpose of single handling it while on a project site.

any comments ?

Thanks Michelle

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Range finder? Calling a tactical strike on the neighbors?

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I would need a major explosive device to eradicate my neighbor Jethroe , the original Marin County Hillbilly , and all his wayward junk that litters his entire property.

Hmm.. that gives me an idea in regards to that broken toilet that sits out on his front lawn. ... and that abandoned hot tub that he recently dragged home from the dump ( why why why? ... It was at its rightful place ! ) could be used as rocket launcher target practice.

I wouldn't even need a laser, I could do it with a blindfold on, and still hit something.

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landman41(z5 Colo)

Maybe your neighbor is truly trying to go "shabby-chic".:)

I discussed your question with a contractor friend and he said that he has used the range finder with very little problems reading it in sunlight ( He also has vision problems) and you should be ok with a solo handling of it. Anyway that was from his insight. Hope that helps.


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creatrix(z7 VA)

Just looked these up on the web- cool tool! Wish they went longer than 60', but that's enough for a lot of spots. May have to save up my pennies.

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creatrix(z7 VA)

Let us know how it works for you, if you wouldn't mind.

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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)


Don't you know that toilets make awesome planters? You could do a guerrilla attack with some truly hideous, clashing annuals! ;)


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plantman314(z5-6 StL, MO)

Are you using a laser level or transit?
Most laser transits come with a receiver so you don't have to visually read the laser on the measure stick. With the receiver I've read measurements over 70' from the the transit.

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Hmm.... looks pretty cool!

Beam me up, Scotty, I think there's a gol-dang mistake on that plot plan!

I just wonder what the neighbors will think you're doing out there. I get enough weird looks when I'm measuring a job, I'm sure that if I start firing lasers at the house, it's gonna get worse.

Looks like it's worth a try if you think it's going to save you even one hour of your time. Just make sure you get it from someplace where it can be returned if you're not happy with it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Laser Targeting Range Finders

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For the last 20+ some odd years I've been using a David White 4 point transit and additionally (within the last 10 years ) mount a high end laser level on the tripod to assist in 'solo shooting'.
I do not have the laser set up with a receiver.

I'd love to have laser transit, but when it really comes down to dialing in a topo plan , I usually just hire a surveyor to come in and do a full and proper job.

Most of the times I am just shooting in my grades to find the basic information for laying out retaining walls, stair cases, drainage stuff and a few other site analysis stuff when we are working on preliminaries, or if it is just a small job, otherwise , it is more cost effective to hire a professional surveyor.

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creatrix(z7 VA)

I'd like to be able to stand next to a tree and measure to two points on the house to locate the tree on the drawing. Many of my jobs have existing trees I need to triangulate.

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i'm not sure how your rangfinder laser works but the problem with my Bushnell is the type target whether it be sunny or not. I think highly reflective targets are undesirable. I've been parking a tractor at the target end and it usually gives an accurate measurement- out to 800 yards.

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mdvaden_of_oregon(NW Oregon)

This topic may be worth reviving for 2012.

I've been using a Trupulse 200 by Laser Technologies / Laser Tech, for the last two years, measuring redwoods. Height, horizontal distance, inclination. 3 friends have the Impulse 200LR by the same company. Both models got me thinking about landscaping and design work.

Recently, I bought the Impulse 200LR, for about $2800.00. The Trupulse is only $699.00. But the Impulse model is the most accurate, almost to within an inch.

I plan to use the Impulse for design measurements, grade, drainage, trees. Arborists working with crane operators can fire at the top of a trunk and know the horizontal distance from the crane. Useful for knowing how much weight to load.

If anyone thinks they may want an Impulse or Trupulse unit in 2012, feel free to email if you have a question about our use and the unit's durability.

Landscaping Portland

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Well, I'm intrigued. Three questions, based on how I use my Bosch handheld doohickey:

1- am I correct in assuming that the scope allows you to use the unit in full sun? My handheld is useless without cloud cover and red glasses.

2- can the unit be used from a handheld position, or does it have to be tripod mounted? If so, do you think it could be monopod mounted, like a camera?

3- all my tools ride around in the back of a Subaru hatchback, so they're subjected to bumps, vibration, and temperature swings. Any issues with this unit?

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mdvaden_of_oregon(NW Oregon)

1. You can use the unit in daylight, but it should not be pointed toward the sun. That could be a small drawback for some things certain times of day. The scope is mainly for aiming. There is a red dot scope too. My friends all prefer the scope with the cross-hair.

2. It works hand held too. There is also a pivot point offset adjustment if desired. On tripod, the pivot point is where it's connected to the bracket. When handheld, the pivot point is sort of one's neck. Monopod should be fine.

3. The laser comes is an exceptionally well-padded case. It can be in temperatures up to like 130 degrees, and I think down to 20 degrees below zero.

It also has a filter mode.

That means if you mount a reflective surface or prism behind foliage, or someone holds it there, if it can be seen, the laser can nail it. Somehow it ignores the other stuff and finds the reflective surface.

In one way, its rediculously simple for outward design. Only has like 3 buttons. And for it's price, one could buy 4 complete PC computer & monitor combos, or almost 3 Mac laptops. That comparison offers some idea of how well-designed and precise this rangefinder is. Plus it's waterproof. It's virtually submersible.

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Awesome, I may have to throw that in the tool budget this year. Thanks!

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