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bline22April 6, 2010


I live in ND and in my back yard the far back corner accumulates a lot of water during rain and spring melts. I think more is on the way due to the lots next to me being developed as well. There is a drainage pond in the back corner of my yard as well and my plan was to put down some drain tile, pvc, something in that corner and drain it to the pond to fix this issue.

I had access to a piece of equipment to do the trenching and it is there minus all the piping.

What to use, pvc or drain tile? My first thought was to use drain tile and simply bury it completely hoping that when theh rains came or whatever that it would drain through the soil into this pipe and away. Would that work do you think? I would probably use PVC from the ally back to the pond as it may get driven over being a foot or two in the ground and I don't want it to get smashed and plugged.

Any help or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

Thanks for the help.

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The idea is to have a trench, with drainage pipe in it, surrounded by gravel. The holes of the drain pipe point down. I line the trench with landscape cloth, add some gravel, put in the pipe with the holes pointing down. Make sure you have enough drop so the water will flow through the pipe to your pond. Fill the trench with enough gravel to cover the pipe about 4-6 inches. So you have a drain pipe, surrounded by gravel. Cover the top of the gravel filled trench with more landscape cloth to keep out any soil, and bury the rest of the trench with soil. The idea with the gravel is that the water will move to fill the space between the gravel because it is easier than filling the small spaces between soil particles. As the water fills the spaces between the gravel, it will fill from the bottom up, and then flow into the holes in the bottom of the drain pipe, and be carried (hopefully) by gravity to your pond.

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