Inflo :(

plumies101August 22, 2011

I have a nice healthy rooted cutting sitting inside since it has been raining all summer here in Oregon. It had a beautiful four inch long inflo growing with blooms. There were currently two pretty white/yellow flowers on it and then BAM! the entire inflo just fell right off... Why!? I'm a newb but have been doing TONS of plumie research... It was going so well!!

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wuvbear(So. Calif)

Iam a very new newbie. Can't make a comment, cause I know nothing about plumeries, even though I just won my first one on ebay...............

Sorry you lost your flowers. I am sure someone will help you out with an answer.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Well, there are a lot of variables so it's hard to tell.

How old is the plant since it was rooted? Did you root it? or was it rooted when you obtained it? How long has it been growing in the pot? What size pot is it in?

It could be it had a latent iflo before it was cut.

Or, it could be the plant just needs more time to get established.

Of course it could be the plant just needed more sun, light and heat to maintain the inflo. The only time I can get my plants to bloom indoors is after they've been outside all summer.

If you could obtain some kind of small greenhouse to keep it in, that might be an answer to the cool, wet weather.

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Hi. I got them as cuttings seven months ago and rooted them myself, they are maybe a foot tall in one gallon pots. They live on a heat mat next to a window under and under a grow light. It was doing pretty well. Bloomed heavily for about a month. Has probably twelve leaves on it. I actually have a mini greenhouse, I just didn't have them in it since they were doing so well. Water maybe once a week give or take depending on how I think they're looking. Potted in a sand and perlite mixture with a some moisture control potting soil I made myself. hmm...

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

After I root them I can't usually get them to bloom for several years. Sounds like it was blooming off an old latent inflo that had developed before it was rooted. I think the plant just did not have the resources to maintain the inflo. It needs to get established -- larger root system, more leaves, etc.

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Well darn! I just figured I was some sort of plumeria whisperer or something! Lol. So I'm all good then no worries about the poor plant it sounds like.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Plumies101,

Im not an expert, but i wanted to say that maybe you might be watering it to much. You say that you have it in a sand and Perlite mix with moisture control soil. The first thought that came to mind was that it probably holds more moisture than you think. The best way to check to see if its dry is to use a cheap water meter that you can pic up at your local box store and see if its dry before you water it. You say that you water it every week. Just make sure it dries out completely before you water it again.

Have you fertilized it at all?

My trees are in a fast draining mix and i water here on days that are sunny and temps averaging 85* maybe twice a week. So it may be that it is a watering issue combined with the soil holding moisture.

Just a thought..

Hope this helps...

Laura in VB

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