Birch tree question

dssguy99April 29, 2012

We are looking to purchase some birch trees to place behind a wall. I am noticing there are many varietys though. Can someone tell me the name of the common birch tree with white bark that grows to 30 feet? I am seeing names as river birch, paper birch, yellow birch, weeping birch and so on. I have sent a link below to a picture of the tree.

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"Common" is entirely related to location - what is common in one area may be less common in another. Where are you located specifically?

Your link looks like Betula papyrifera or paper birch. It is native to much of the northern parts of the US. It can a lot bigger than 30' under ideal circumstances. It is also rather prone to birch borers, so its longevity is compromised under general conditions.

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