kellyjApril 20, 2006

I have a 30 by 100 foot greenhouse and have just discovered aphids in three varieties of plants. My business is hanging moss baskets and need advice. What is the best aphid control for this size of space. Any advice would be so helpful. Is there anything simple out in the market for smaller greenhouse space?

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Ladybugs. They'll quickly devour all the aphids. Two weeks ago, I had aphids on my daylilies. Just this week, I went out to spray them with a soapy water mix (insecticide soap--homemade) and they're all gone. In their place are ladybugs and ladybug larvae (scary little critters).

You can mix of up regular dish soap with some water in a spray bottle if you want an instant cure. It works as well as anything you can buy. And to keep pests at bay, mix in a little cayenne pepper (just a little. Too much can burn your plants.) with some water. Spray your plants and pests (bugs and animals) will steer clear.

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upnortdareh(Zone 4)

If you have a problem with aphids use liquid Marathon, its a little pricey but They will be gone the next day. I can always justify the cost of chemical, spend a little money or throw away the whole house.I like Butterflies Idea but when 10's of thousands of dollars are a stake you can not wait for insects to take care of your problem---- Works For Me --- Upnortdareh

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I am new to the chemical bug formulas but really need to understand as I can see this is my next step. Do I need any type of training to apply Marathon...do I need to mix and lastly is this type of insecticide where you need mask, breathing gear, etc. Any advice and info. would be great. I do have quite a plant investment at this time so the chemical way is what I will have to rely on but in the future will work with ladybugs also as much less of a headache.

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No, no, no. Yes lady bugs do help control. The key word is control. At this point in your season you need to rid yourself of the little buggers. Use Endeavor. It is a very targeted chemical that only targets Aphids and whitefly. No other critter, either good or bad, will be affected. The neat thing is it stops them from eating! Then they die. ItÂs also residual and will stay on the plants for up to 2 weeks to kill off the eggs. Please be sure to read the label and follow the directions. You can buy a BWI, Hummert or other distributors. Marathon is going to kill everything, good or bad...

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re:insecticidal soaps;spot spray noting phytotoxicity.... homemade concoctions are not advisable

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HerbLady49(Z6 PA)

I grow herbs so I stay organic. When I notice an outbreak in my greenhouse I spray hot chili pepper was spray. This has worked for me for years. I use to make my own but now you can buy it in any well stocked garden center. With any spray whether organic or chemical test it on a couple of plants before you spray all you stock.

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

Look real careful at everything, put all the buggy stuff together in one place. Spray it every four or five days with safer insecticidal soap, don't spray it during the hot part of the day, spray it in the morning when it's cooler. make sure to spray all the surfaces on the plant, no matter how big of a pain it is. If you spray every four days, on the third day, spray the plants off with water, that way you rinse off all the dead aphids, so you know when to stop spraying. The bugs don't get used to the insecticidal soap, so it keeps on killing them.
Don't mix up anything home made and use on your plants, you're speaking to someone who burned off all the leaves of my banana plants for sale last summer with a home made oil soap mix. How come the bugs always know when you're almost ready to sell something? I just found aphids on hanging baskets of wandering jew, the same kind I've grown for years with no bugs ever. Who knows! Good luck

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annebert(6b/7a MD)

Safer insecticidal soap (Safer is the brand name BTW) is very effective against all soft-bodied insects. It is approved for organic use and is pretty non-toxic, but if you're going to spray your whole greenhouse, it would still be advisable to wear protective clothing and a face mask when you spray.

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As I said, I make my own insecticidal soap with water and Joy or Dawn dishwashing soap. I've never burned any of my plants and the aphids, mealy bugs and other insects disappear. It's very cheap and something you always have on hand. If you add in cayenne pepper, do it very sparingly. If you overdo it, it will burn your plants.

I no longer waste money on expensive store bought chemicals when the soap and water solution works just as well. The cayenne pepper also works to keep rabbits and slugs out of your gardens.

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Silicon dioxide, pyrethrins are the safest and fastest non chemical way to go. Good for aphids, mealey bugs, any insect and roaches in your home.

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=*= RE: SILICON DIOXIDE / PYRETHRINS... =*= Silicon dioxide (is sand) when used in pesticide formula is known as "Diatomaceous earth". It poses health risks to humans, is harmful to beneficial insects, notably beetles. Pyrethrins are EXTREMELY TOXIC to honey bees. Anyone concerned about North American colony collapse should take note.

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