Persimmons tree

zirp27(new jersey)March 14, 2011

A friend has rooted a branch of a persimmon tree for me that i want to plant. It was rooted by taking a piece of branch and putting it halfway into a bottle of water. Its been a few months and now it has sprouted and has some leaves but there really is no roots coming out of the branch. I'm not sure how or when to plant this?? Anyone familiar with this type of tree?


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The sprouting & leaf growth are the result of stored suggars in the wood as you say there are no roots so keep a watch on the stem and as soon as any sign of roots appear then plant.
I have not had any luck rooting a branch of this tree. I use either seed or grafting. & I have had some luck with root cuttings.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Sounds like your friend isn't on the right track with this project.

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