Ficus tree grafting

smittygrow(9)March 4, 2008

I have some ficus trees in pots about 3 ft. tall. I would like to graft some branches onto limbs that are sparse. That is, to make the plant more bushy.

I have made some grafts using a slanted cut & inserting a wedge-cut branch in the cut & sealing with toilet-wax-ring wax. Should I remove some leaves from the new branch graft ? It's only been a few days since I did some grafts, so there's no results yet. Also, I have in the past done some braiding of 3 plants.

These have been done while starting with young cuttings, & have turned out well. I don't have a *green thumb* by a long shot, but trying !


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I have a ficus in a planter indoors. It spent the summer out on my shaded patio (Missouri) doing quite well. However when my husband brought this miniature tree had not leave or branches on the one side of the tree. I would like to graft branches from where it is thick to the bare side. I have heard of this being done, but cannot find information. Can you help?

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

The key to a full ficus tree doesn't hinge on your grafting skills, it hinges on your ability to provide the cultural conditions your plant prefers and a pruning/pinching plan that forces the back-budding required to keep the plant full. In most cases, experienced growers would reserve grafting for older trees that are exhibiting reluctance to back-bud on old wood.

What species are we talking about? Thread grafting and approach grafting are easy, and offer near 100% success, but may not be appropriate for all species of Ficus.


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