renting greenhouse space

mbrown297(6b)April 11, 2005

I'm a small grower selling to restaurants in central NJ. I'm thinking about trying to rent some space in a local greenhouse before I invest in a larger greenhouse for myself. I have no idea if this is possible, or what the cost might be. Does anyone have any suggestions.



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DonFenwick(4b Ont Canada)

Since you are looking for space at a premium time, expect it not to be cheap. I was approached by someone wanting to do the same and I priced it out at my expected yield per square foot of bench space ($25.00 sq ft). She wanted about 100 sq ft. and when she did the math she turned purple.... lolol..

Also, what kind of growing will you be doing? How much care is the greenhouse owner responsible for? If you are doing your own plant care, what do you know about IPM (Integrated Pest Management)? I would not want anyone else putting their plants near my crop.

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mdaughn(zone 7)

I get this question all the time and due to my circumstance I have other people's plants all the time (unfortunately no rent) and it is a nightmare with pests, poor space management, poor water management,etc. Plus, if you are selling for consumption, you might not want your plant material in a greenhouse where certian pesticides are in use.

You might be better off to rent an existing but unused greenhouse. I know around here (central MD) there are businesess that have failed but the structure exists and there are several vocational schools and high schools that do not use their greenhouses anymore.

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