liners or plugs without a wholesalers licence?

forest_gardener(zone 9 CA)April 21, 2014

I have a large garden and would like to purchase perennials in large quantities. Does anyone know of a wholesaler who will sell liners to me without a wholesalers licence? I am happy to pay tax as I will not be reselling the plants!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

That's a tough one. A reputable provider isn't likely to alter their rules to accomadate a potential retail customer. That practice kicks their real costomers in the shin.

However, it would very much be worth your while to wheel and deal with the usual good retail companies to see if they will cut their prices if you buy in large quantities. 'Large' being the operative word.

If you are talking about a few thousand dollars, I'd think that you'd get a good (retail) price.

I had a wholesale nursery for some years and had to practically beat drive-in retail shoppers off with a stick. I eventually provided a separate retail price list that would offer them no difference in price from the local high end garden centers.....and zero customer service!

Wish I could be of more help.

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I often encourage my customers to buy liners of grass and perennial plugs with a markup on them, still more reasonable than buying in 4" flats.

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Sherwood Botsford(3a)

I've never heard of a wholesalers license. Here, every level pays sales tax (GST) but when you turn your sales tax in, you can deduct the tax you paid. In essence then it's a value added tax.

Here the requirement is that you have to do a minimum amount of business a year. E.g. for trees and shrubs its about a thousand bucks a year. Often minimum amounts too. One company I deal with won't sell you a partial flat of anything, and the price drop for 5 flats is enough that you're crazy to order less than that.

One big distinction between retail and wholesale is lead time. I'm ordering my trees now for spring. The company publishes a 'what's left' list every two weeks. You may find a local retailer who you can dicker with if you tell him that you want 40 flats of pansies. He can increase his order, and you meet the truck when it arrives. He doen't have to have counter space for them, he hasn't had to spend a lot of time talking to you. Probably get 1/3 off. As soon as you make it trickier for him, though, the less you will get off. So you can't use your SUV and take home 6 flats at a time.

Check out box stores that are franchised. Here I can get 1/3 to 1/2 off at ONE particular Canadian Tire if I order 3 weeks ahead, and take a minimum of one pallet layer. Even more off if I take a stacked pallet taht they can forklift into my truck.

One other condition: I have to make pickup at a non-busy time. Usually a week day, just after they open or just before they close.

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