black currant cuttings won't root zone 4-5

zelda77March 3, 2014

The bush is an unknown variety, possibly 10 years old, and the fruit is sweet and has a mild flavor. I have black currants in my garden that have that strong black currant aftertaste and smell, this bush does not. My currants root quickly from cuttings. So far no currant cutting rooting method I've tried with this unknown variety bush has worked. I use rooting powder, have put cuttings in a perlite mix indoors and out, put them directly in the ground, put them in a tunnel, covered a pot of cuttings with a plastic bag, used short and long cuttings, cut the tops off or left them on, split the bottoms, scraped the bark. So far nothing has produced rooted cuttings. Last fall I pinned some bent over branches hoping to get roots this spring. I've read hundreds of method suggestions and other people's experiences where everyone says rooting currants is easy. I've had 100% failure. Is there a currant variety that just won't root from cuttings and needs air layering or has to be grown from seed? Or is there a method better than what I've tried? Or a time of year that absolutely always produces rooted cuttings?

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

I'm afraid I have nothing to suggest. As you say blackcurrant is incredibly easy to grow from cuttings. Any stick shoved in the ground will grow in my experience. Maybe yours isn't Ribes nigrum but a different Ribes? Especially if it doesn't have the characteristic smell and taste.

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Have you tried heel cuttings? May be one of those varieties that will only root by this method, Also do a search on this Forum for my 'Toothpick Technique'. Usually successful for hard to root woodies. I have had many responses from pro's very pleased to know it.

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Nandina, I have not tried heel cuttings but surely will as well as your toothpick technique. Thanks so much for the suggestions. I really appreciate the help.

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