Guam Boonie Peppers

gail2magicJuly 26, 2009

Does anyone know if you can grow Boonie Peppers from Guam inside like I do my herbs? Also, does anyone have a suggestion for a substitute pepper that tastes like the Boonie Peppers?

I saw that someone on Ebay was selling seeds and would like to grow the peppers. I loved Guamanian food when I lived on Guam.

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I'd also like to know if Boonie Peppers grow inside. GREAT question!

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stormflakes(zone 9)

I have no answer, I've only grown them outside, but I do have lots of seed if you want some freebies.

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Thank you stormflakes. I just sent you an email with my info. I appreciate the offer.

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I'm growing Boonies this year and I don't think they would do well inside. They might be fine with the lower light levels, but they grow so very tall. Unless you have room for a 4 foot plus plant I would look for a more compact variety. A Thai Chili like the Prik kee nuu would probably be a decent replacement.

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stormflakes(zone 9)

To everyone who emailed me, your seeds are in the mail!


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My mom grew them successfully in pots, near Shreveport Louisiana. Outside during the summer, inside during the winters, which would otherwise kill them. They are large plants, over 3 feet tall once they reach their full height. Mine (I have 7 potted plants now, grown from seed) are so big I'm going to have to cage them or stake them somehow to deal with the high winds we tend to face in Georgia.


Here is a link that might be useful: Food near Snellville -> Boonie Peppers

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I've got 42 healthy plants growing quite well inside in Montana. I sprouted them using an AeroGarden and transplanted them to dirt as they got bigger. To handle the heigth problem, I prune them at about 1' tall and they bush out. When I lived in Hawaii I had one growing outside that I kept pruned at 8' tall (the heighth of the eve under which it g rew).

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My boonies are still growing. Six months old at this point and still no blossoms. Not too concerned right now because the last one took almost a year before it bloomed. The biggest problem I have now is keeping them standing upright. They seem to just fall over at a moment's notice. I'll be standing there looking at them and one will just topple over. Reminds me of the plant on Little Shop of Horrors. The tallest is about three feet tall.

Sure wish I could figure out how to keep 'em from falling over all the time.

The link below is to a snapshot of them taken today.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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goonie4boonies(6B/7 PA)

Hello! I see I'm a little late posting. :-) How are everyone's plants doing a year later? (lol) I joined GardenWeb to see if anyone had any boonie pepper seeds to share or sell. I LOVE boonie peppers and would like to grow some along with my other peppers. I'm not much good at growing flowers or other veggies, but tomatoes & peppers seem to be my thing. I was an Air Force wife back in the 80s and we were stationed at Andersen. I tried to bring some bonnie peppers back to the States with me, but they were confiscated by customs right off the bat! If there's anyone still out there with some info, please give a shout! Cheers! Cindi

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There are several sites on the Interweb that sell Boonie pepper seeds. Mine were hand carried from Guam in '02. Grown in Hawaii until '06 and now occupy their own bedroom under grow lights in Montana. No peppers yet (they're about 8 months old) but the tallest one is about six feet tall. Last time I grew one here it took a full year before it started producing peppers.

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we started growing boonies inside earlier this spring and they're doing great so far. the trick to keeping them upright is bamboo stakes. we're having a bit of an issue getting our buds to bloom as opposed to fall off though, even with our tallest peppers (we have about 41 now, tallest being about 30 inches). not sure what that's all about.

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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

Somebody was nice enough to share a few seeds with me. I
will start them earlier than my other peppers next year after
reading this post.

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Would love some boonie Pepper seeds

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This is a 3yr. old post. LOL

Got anything to trade?

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goonie4boonies(6B/7 PA)

Someone was nice enough to send me some seeds, too. My plants turned out lovely, and the peppers were just as awesome, if not better than I remembered! Sadly, the seeds I saved were involved in a spring pepper seed accident involving a certain pair of 6 year-old twins who were "helping". ;-) I have TONS of other (pepper/tomato/veg) seeds for trade, or I would gladly purchase boonie pepper seeds if anyone has any they would like to share(again)!

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I was stationed in guam fm 1987-1991 and really regret not bringing home a few boonies for seeds, does anyone have any extra, or know where I can get some true boonie seeds?

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When my father was stationed in Guam during WWII he found some wild growing Boonie Peppers, picked some (there is a funny story in there),and eventually brought some home. We managed to keep growing some until I was a teenager but alas, in moving, we lost the pepper seeds we had packed. Well, my brother, my husband, and now one of my sons, have ended up "fireeaters" like my father!! My brother and I would really like to find some TRUE Guam boonie peppers to start growing again - family tradition I guess you could call it!!! Can anyone tell me how I may aquire seeds/plant from Guam?

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Hey, I'd like to get some seeds for Guam Boonie Peppers. Does anyone have any that they could send?

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DMForcier(8 DFW)
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Hi Spanish! I have a package of dried Boonies that I need to get the seeds out of so I can try to plant those for next season. However we are in the process of moving so I don't have the time right now to do anything like that right at the moment. If we can get moved within the next week or two (maybe 3) then I would be happy to send you some Boonie seeds!! Go to MY PAGE and send me your email address and like I said as soon as we can get moved I will see what I can send!!!

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

My Guam boonie pepper is grown into a tree shape and 8 feet tall or so. We bring it into the greenhouse for winter and out for the summer.

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Been growing these peppers for the past 3yrs had great success in every pepper harvest. I've gotten so good at germinating and growing these plants I am now selling live plants online, if you have any questions about growing these plants drop me a line. Jorge

Here is a link that might be useful: Boonie pepper

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