Eucalyptus from cuttings?

cranebill(6)March 5, 2007


I just bought a beautiful mixed bouquet of eucalyptus species, and am wondering if they can be propagated from cuttings. Any ideas?



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G'day Cranebill,
Sorry, but the news is bad for striking cuttings of Eucalypts,and also wattles. Tissue culture, but not cuttings. Seed is usually quite successful, depending whether western or eastern Euc. Any idea of the species. Ficifolia or caesia are common ornamentals with coloured flowers

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S'okay, Antho, and thanks for the information. I had in any case ordered a packet of seeds of mixed Eucalyptus species, and it will be fun I think to try to identify any that grow. Thanks, again.


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For identification, it is often useful to note the shape of the first leaves, i.e. cotyledons, and the form of the juvenile leaves also. These will generally change from opposite to alternate as the plant matures

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