need help rooting quince

buckeye(OH5)March 30, 2007

Does anyone have experience or suggestions on rooting quince cuttings? I've started some from a quince tree/bush, putting the 6"+ cuttings from the ends of branches that have green in them and slicing a 1" shallow cut on the ends, then applying rooting hormone, & then placing them in potting soil(which i don't like that well, but is better than miracle grow-contaminated my whole seed inventory with little white bugs-horrible soil, belongs outside only)-anyways, they haven't rooted yet but are budding out, good sign? Got more to do, putting cuttings in water because there are so many of the new 'gel' rooting medium you can order great to use? thanks for any help-new at rooting.....mark

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

Need to apply 0.3& IBA (Rooting hormone)not rootone.... stick in well drained soil & mist taking 25-60 days to root.
I stick to basic methods & material because they are time tested

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opal52(z7b GA)

I took cuttings in early summer, dusted them with rooting hormone and stuck them in peat pellets which I had hyrdated by soaking in warm water. Put the peat pellet with cutting in a zip lock bag to keep it moist and set them in a warm shady spot. I admit at this point, I totally ignored them for a while. But in three-four weeks, they had visible roots sticking out of the peat pellets, ready for potting.

Budding, I think, is a good sign. The cuttings are taking in moisture. I rooted rosemary cuttings using method above and they actually bloomed just before I saw evidence of roots. Bit I am no expert.

Flowering quince was one of my first successes at propagation. I hope it is for you also.

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thanks for your help, mark

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