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landdesigner27(6)March 21, 2013

How do growers grow more plants if they are grafting scions onto a root stock? To me it sounds like you have two trees growing. You cut a scion off one and graft it onto the still have two trees. How do you get three trees?

I'm totally confused. Seems like you have to cut a tree in half to get the root stock just to get a new tree...leaving you with the same amount of trees.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

lets talk pine...

you find 100 pine cones ... gather the seed w/in .. and grow 2000 seedlings for say 3 years .... now you have understock ...

now you find so really cool other pines.. variegated.. yellow.. mini's.. dwarfs.. etc.. and lets just say.. you kill a mature plant.. and take 100 pieces off of each cool one.. and hopefully end up with 80 of each ...

and the best part.. the seedling understock are worth 3 bucks each.. but the grafted ones.. grown on a few years can fetch 30 to 100 dollars and up ...

obviously.. its much more complicated.. but i think this ought to get you on your way ...

you failure to understand .... is in thinking about what 'you' might need.. rather than thinking about how one would profit on VOLUME.. after all.. volume is the essence of propagation ... and profit ...

good enough.. or you have more questions????


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Yes this is clear. Thanks Ken!

Another propagation does one create a new variety of plant. Let's say Huechera? Do you need expensive lab equipment?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

again.. this is the stuff of doctoral studies.. and i am giving you the kindergarten level explanation ... you can research from here...

now you are asking about mendel and genetics.. see link ...

momma has a white flower.. daddy has a red flower.. your goal is a pink flower ...

you cross momma to daddy.. many, many times.. and grow millions of plants.. to bloom size..

keeping meticulous records as to the crosses.. the genetics ...

and when you find the pink flower.. or whatever trait you are aiming for.. with your records.. you can replicate the plant.. FOR A PROFIT ... in volume ...

and beyond flower color.. you could do leaf color.. shape.. height.. etc ...

next question????


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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How does one pull out the trait of say dark veins in a perennial leaf and insert that into another variety of the same perennial that has the flower color they like?

Is there a part of the plant I can rub against the other? I just saw this done with tulips in a video. The guy rubbed stamen against the carpels (stigma?) and then planted, like you said, millions of bulbs.

It sounds like what you are saying is that it's trial and error. Or are we able to pick traits we like and insert them? Maybe that's GMO territory?

I should have paid more attention in bio. Lol.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

once you perfect the flower.. you spend 10 more years adding leaf color ...

you dont INSERT anything.. and i can not talk about gene splicing in this regard ....

you need to bone up on genetics ... of which.. i can not give you the one paragraph answer.. but my link above about how to do it with peas was a beginning ....


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Cool. I'm going through the link. Thanks Ken!

If plants need water and air why is it that you can place a rose scion for example, in a jar of water and roots begin forming?

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Roots need oxygen and water. If there are no roots, then you don't need oxygen to keep non existing roots alive.

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