Heating issue chix brooder lamps

gardenfreak(7a)March 12, 2007

Has anyone tried to use the so called brooder lamps for either bottom heat or regular light/heating. I just ran across some today at a close=out store. They were 125 watt and I rem,ember seeing people using them for chicks to keep them warm. I am thinking if you built some enclosed box and put a couple in there and put the plant on top shouldn't that give enough hea ? Right now I am working on a set up with x-mas lights (the netting kind). I built a oval box with bricks and put the netting init and on top some wire shelving. I have to see if I am not loosing too much heat. The bricks will keep in some heat, but I might have to rethink the top.

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I think I figured something out. I took old storm windows, the ones that you pull down over your regular windows in the winter so you have kind of a double window. Well I put those on top of the bricks and the lights are like in a box, the light box. I will insert a thermometer to se whta temp I am getting. Now I have to work on the top lights. I am thinking Fluorescents on chains. How low do I bring those?

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