Of Bhuts and Cats (forget the mice and the men)

Edymnion(7a)July 23, 2012

So I was preparing a couple of fresh bhuts to go into my vodka bottle to really supercharge it, and my cat Dorian (a gray tabby, get it, Dorian the Gray?) kept whining for the obvious people food I was fixing.

So, I took where I had cut the stem and back end of the pepper off (to open it up so the vodka can get inside easily) and held it down for him to sniff.

He did that classic cat recoil, fell over backwards, and proceeded to run into the next room.

Guess the pepper was ripe, eh?

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My damn dog chews on them. I gave him a Naga last fall and he chewed it but didn't eat it. Didn't seem the worse for the wear afterwards either. Since he has chewed up several Hot Hungarian Wax and just a couple days ago, he chewed up my first ripe pepper of the season, a Pepperoncini. I know they are not that hot but I am surprised he messes with them at all. He probably treats them as toys that "bite" back.

I am growing Trinidad Scorpion Butch T this year. If I can get it to bloom and set fruit, I may be able to break him of his taste for hot peppers once and for all.

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Well Edymnion, unlike Bruce's pooch, at least you can say your cat is normal ;-)

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I'm not sure how to respond to someone who has a pet that eats hotter peppers than he does!

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