Propogating with Dwarf Peach Cuttings

bigbloomer(Houst. TX-zone8)March 29, 2009

Hello, I'm just wondering if anyone can give me a clear explaination. I've been told both yes and no but I have a neighbor who just bought a dwarf peach tree and it's adorable!! It's not really blooming yet but has flowers budding. She gave me a couple cuttings that are the width of pencils. Last night I dipped them in rooting hormone and put them in a pot with a plastic cover and heated bottom by a bright window. Will I get anything, you think?? Thanks for your time.


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The cuttings may take off. You'd get better luck with soft wood cuttings. Are you aware that you will not have the same adorable tree like your neighbor? Any cuttings that you get to sprout roots will be a standard tree. If you want a dwarf like your neighbor you'll need to graft the cuttings onto dwarf rootstock. Hope this helps.

-Little John

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bigbloomer(Houst. TX-zone8)

Thank you so much for the reply. Now say I get it to root, what kind of rootstock should I look for? This will be a fun little project, thanks Little John.

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If you get it to root you'll have a standard tree and won't need rootstock. If you want to make a semi dwarf tree you could graft a scion (cutting) onto a wild plum (prunus americana). That would be a nice tree and it would be fairly compact for the urban setting (12-15 ft tall). You could order rootstock online otherwise or find a group of friends to go in on an order since there are usually minimum orders with the online nurseries. Maybe your neighbor will let you have a snippet of root from her tree? That would work well if you had a good idea how to graft the stock and scion. A great book I just found at the library is called "the Grafters Handbook" check it out.

Good Luck!!
-Little John

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It may be wrong to assume that your cutting will produce standard size peach trees. There are genetic dwarf varieties of peaches. I have one - Bonanza being one of them.

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dwarf peach and nectarines are cutting grown commercially

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

hey BB ...

simply as another source.. you might want to take this to the peeps in the fruit forum ....

but in my mind ... if the plant is easily rooted.. there would be little reason to invest in grafting ... so when i see a grafted tree.. its easy to think to myself.. rooting is not an option ... not that it cant be done.. just that the odds are long and hard ...

the dwarf may have been grafted twice.. one graft for roots to standard/trunk .. and a second for the fruit ...

now.. all that said.. great experiment.. keep us posted..

they should be potted.. and in a humidity chamber [plastic bag] .. out of direct sun ... but as bright as possible.. and a good rooting media would help ...

but again.. the fruit peeps will add or correct any of my nonsense.. lol ... [and brandon.. dont get yourself in a huff because i am referring them to another source of info ... lol]

good luck!!!!


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