March lilac pruning and propagation

marthacr(z5 Me)March 3, 2013

I had to remove a major limb from my Ludwig Spaeth lilac that does not sucker at the base. I have successfully rooted cuttings with leaves, but never attempted it at this time of year. I've also just taken large branches and just stuck them in my garden in the summer and they grow. How should I do it at this time of year. I have Dip 'n' Grow and access to willows for rooting. To give you an idea of our climate- I have snow but in the bare spots of the garden, tulips are up 1/2".

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You can try them indoors if you can get them enough light.
Then plant them outdoors as soon as the ground thaws.
The willow idea is a good one.
It sounds like old wood, but it's worth a shot.
Try rooting in soil with a lot of Root Tone and water c Willow Water to spur rooting.

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