propogating purple oxalis bed..

indianpipe(z8 OR)March 9, 2009


Some of the oxalis tubers are near the surface in big clumps and others are still buried perhaps 2-4 inches below. Can I break up the large bundles I see near the surface (this will create more plants, right?) -- and would laying soil or mulch over the tubers already a few inches into the ground cause them to be buried too deeply or will they still push forth? The bed area is a bit messy with debris and really could use a new layer of soil

Thanks for any help! : )

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will have some increase in number of plants but will have a increase in area covered..... would be best to dig up all tubers then add soil & replant all tubers..... why take a chance on sone being burried too deep? beside will act to eliminat OLD tubers & have new vigerous tubers to take over area.

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