Propagating Harry Lauder Walking Stick?

MagickMareMarch 11, 2008

I recently purchased two Harry Lauder Walking Sticks on their own roots. I couldn't be happier with them! I've read that they are very difficult to propagate. So when my Great Dane decided to prune one of the main branches of one plant, I freaked! I couldn't bear to throw the branch out, so I put it in water with some branches of Weeping Willow that I was rooting. I've noticed that the HLWS branch has developed tiny roots! Has anyone propagated this? Any suggestions on care at this point? How long should the roots be before I pot it up?

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Aren't animals great? I thought HLWS were produced by grafts so this is something new to me, although it brings back memories of identifying twigs in the winter in a woody plants course. Well if it is rooting wait until the roots are 3-4" long and then plant in a sand/manure mix, be careful of the root structure, in a one gallon container for at least one growing season.

Here is a link that might be useful: Propagating Perennials

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Upon further research, I must credit the willow branches for creating Willow Water - which I believe to be the cause of the Walking Stick rooting! The roots are about 1/4" long, so I'll keep the branch in water with the Willows until they are about 4" long. This was a huge surprise for me, as I never have much luck with seeds or cuttings.

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Keep in mind, most/ a lot HLWS now-a-days started as a tissue cultured plant. This provides "most times" an easier to root "factor".
Great to read it worked out well :-)...............

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