rooting sedum

sedumqueenMarch 30, 2008

is it too early to take autumnjoy sedum cuttings?mine are about 3 inches it hard to root them in water?how long does it take?thank you

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wyndyacre(z6B SW Ont.)

There's never a wrong time to root sedums. They are very easy to propagate.
Snap off a few of your shoots. Stick them in the ground where you want them to grow. They will quickly and easily take root.

You could also stick them into small pots of ProMix or potting soil if you're not sure where you want to plant them yet. They will easily root in pots also.
Keep the cuttings just moist while they are growing roots.

You don't need to stick them in water-in fact since they prefer conditions to be somewhat dry once they're established, they might rot in a glass of water.

Sedums root so easily, you could actually just throw the pieces on the ground and eventually they would root and grow. Not the quickest or most ideal way to grow them but it works. That's why the old fashioned common name for this plant was "Live Forever".

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thank you

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