How do I know what I have?

stacyp9(5 Chicago)April 22, 2005

I ordered Cimicifuga rameosa Pink Spike from Wayside. They sent me plants labeled Cimicifuga rameosa Ricardo. the customer service person spoke with their horticulturist who told her they are the same thing. Is there a place I can go to check this? I have found nothing on Ricardo via google.

Thanks. Stacy

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While I have never seeing anything tying the name 'Ricardo' to 'Pink Spike', it is not unusual for patented plants (which I don't believe 'Pink Spike' is) to have a trademarked name in addition to the patent cultivar. You should know for sure when the plant blooms - 'Pink Spike' is the only cultivar of ramosa that I am aware of that blooms with pink flower heads rather than the typical creamy white ones.

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stacyp9(5 Chicago)

Thanks. I was hoping you would see my post. : )
The listings for Pink Spike that I have seen all say patent pending. The plants I received were very small, but are guaranteed for a year. What are the chances that they will bloom their first year?
Thanks again.

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