Yes yes, finally got the Dwarf Watermelon Plumeria. Pic incl.

barske(Denmark)August 11, 2008

I am so jazzed about my little Dwarf Watermelon Plumeria that I have wanted for so long and now I finally got it.

I was on a trip to France and ended up at Mont St. Michel that is a coazy little city with a huge cathedral build on top of a little mountain in the water, I guess they wanted to be pretty much alone out there back then. Now they have made a road out there with a huge parking space for tons of tourists.

The weather was terribly rainy, cold and windy in that part of France and back home in Denmark a heatwave got stuck over the country and it was really nice to come home to. But I have never imagined that the heatwave had triggered my Dwarf Plumeria to creat such a huge flower buket though it's such a small compact plant. The first flowers were kind of white with 6 petals and a little pink on the edges but new flowers got the right watermelon colour and the smell must come from Heaven. I am really happy with that little wonder in my collection. I have to thank my dear brother for taking so good care of the plants when I was on vacation.

Here comes a few pics I know the last pic is not a plant but you have to see the little island with the city on.

Good luck with all your Plumerias out there.


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WOW! Thanks for those pics. Beautiful looking plant! And that picture of the city. My goodness, how amazing. Thanks again SO MUCH for sharing your pics!

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bri_fl(9 FL Lakeland)

How beautiful. I love the curled petals and it looks like it has a ton of foliage on it. I have one like that, It kinda bends from the leaf weight.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

That's a keeper. ~dave

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craftymama132001(Ohio (5))

Hi, barske! Thanks so much for sharing your pics of the plant that it absolutely beautiful, and for sharing a little piece of the world with us! That little city is so awesome! Crafty

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Hi there Soren, I'm keeping a watchful eye on those seeds for you, and I'll be in touch when they're ready to send to you. Have planted those you sent me...thanks!
The plumie flowers above are lovely, such a lot of flowers on the one inflo.
As for the French Mont St Michael, did you know that here in the UK we have our very own version called...wait for it...St Michael's Mount and it's in Cornwall??!!

Here is a link that might be useful: St Michaels Mount info

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That is a beautiful head of blooms. Great Job!!


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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Plumerias and some European city builders have one thing in common- they both have a great sense of style. Love the pictures. Bill

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Hi there,

Thank you so much for all the kind replies to my pics. You have to know I'm more than happy sharing my experiences and pics. with all you Plumeria growers out there as I swallow yours too and must say this forum is great.

Gill you are so cool, hehe I did not know St. Michael had a Mountain in the UK too!! In fact I didn't even know about that one in France if it haven't just poped up out there in the water as I drowe by the flat landscape. Cornwall and Normandy are so very close so why not have two equal "Monts" hehe they might be able to look at oneanother in clear weater. I have to go see the one in Cornwall too. I love weird buildings and I live in a city that is 1270 years old and we have tons of old weird stuff too. I just can't figure out why this St. Michel/Michael wanted to be isolated out there in the water I would rather stay inland and feel more safe there.

I'm glad you are happy with what I sent you and I look forward to hear about the germination rate of the Plumeria seeds. As I tried 30 seeds in my rose garden in May and 28 plants came out of there and they are really strong and healthy. The Stretlizia seeds however takes forever to germinate but Im shure you will be successfull with them too.

Happy growing.


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greenclaws UKzone8a

Hi Soren, the causeway is under water when the tide comes in so it's only accessible at low tide. The castle atop the *mountain* is surrounded by semi-tropical gardens but I have only viewed it from the shore, so it has many interesting plants. You would find Cornwall very interesting especially if you could visit the Scilly Isle gardens at Tresco Abbey as they are unusually tropical and are a just short 20 minute helicopter flight from the mainland at Penzance. Will be in touch soon.

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