Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mats - Attention!

warlockMarch 13, 2007

Just a request for a caution. My first heat mat's thermostat failed to keep the temperature within the 85F limit. It also developed a single, hot to the touch, buldge on it's surface. Second mat, a replacement, although kept my tomato plants from cooking, developed the same nasty "melt down" buldge on the top surface and burned through the bottom, scorching the wood floor underneath. I notified the Hydrofarm company regarding this potential fire hazard problem but so far there has been no response. Beaware!

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ara133(central PA)

Did you get your replacement mat from Hydrofarm? I had a problem with my original not heating up anymore, so I called Hydrofarm because I couldn't remember where I'd gotten the mat from. They sent me a replacement directly, and did say that they had been having some problems and were currently doing a recall. If you haven't tried calling them, it might be worth a shot.

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Dear Customer,

Thank you for your inquiry about our seedling heat mat products. We have sold hundreds of thousands of these heat mats to satisfied customers over the past few years and the overall return rate is a fraction of a percent.

They are the only heat mats in their class that are made in North America and that are tested and listed by Underwriters Laboratories. All of the others have not been tested, and most will not pass due to substandard wiring, materials, or inability to pass the electrical testing.

As with any electrical appliance, there can be issue which may occur as a result of something in the manufacturing process or in handling by the customer in the field. One such problem is when the wire gets kinked due to very rough handling, or by puncture of the layers of inner materials and hitting the wire inside. If this occurs, a small bubble may show where the inner wire heats up, breaks, and the mat will stop working. For any of these, our retailers are instructed to immediately replace the product, and return the unit to us for testing, and review.

There is no recall on these products, and as stated above, it remains the best in its class, and one of the best selling products featured in many stores and gardening catalogs across the country.


Peter Wardenburg

Vice President

Hydrofarm, Inc.

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