Hardening off help

jhook1997(7)March 27, 2013

Here in zone 7 our weather is very unpredictable during the time when I need to be hardening off my "cold crops". I have cauliflower, Brussel sprouts and cabbage that I started several weeks ago. All are getting to the point of having several leaves but are still pretty wimpy. I started taking them out last week to harden off but only got to do it two days. It is now WINDY and too cold for that! I have a cold frame built and sort of a glass tunnel made from windows that I use when hardening and what I'm wondering is.....at what point/temp. can I just leave them outside in those? I can obviously protect them from the wind but what temp. can the cabbage and cauli withstand?

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Sorry, new to the Forum....probably should have put this in "seed starting"

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

ah.. whatever.. on where you posted ....

though the plant itself might take the cold.. in the pots.. i would worry about the pot freezing.. or the roots getting too cold ...

*** what i was trying to say.. rather inarticulately.. is that you can not presume a mature plants hardiness.. on a tiny seedling ... and that is what the 'hardening off' process is all about.. on some level ...


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I set seedlings outside for the sake of sun, wind and rain during the daytime and into the evening.
If I'm concerned about the overnite conditions I bring them in before bedtime, or otherwise shelter them.
Cole crops in our area can get very close to freezing before I get concerned. It is a good caution about pots as stated, especially as the temps go down toward freezing. :)

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maternut(7 west tn)

I see you are in zone 7 same as me. My cold crops have been out about 3 weeks now. About ready for tomatoes to go out. They have been outside about a week now but had to roll them into garage a few times at night.

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