kevabear(9)August 11, 2006

Have a question for you wise plumeria people. How often do you fertilize, and what type of fertilizer do you use? I have Colorburst flowering plant food, 15-30-15. Don't really know how often to use it though, and what other types of fertilizer, or whatever else, are good.


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Hi Lauri,
A lot of people (including myself)use a "super bloom" fertilizer that has a ratio of somewhere around 10-50-10...A high middle number is key...Different people use different brands, and I've learned that fertilizer in liquid form is the best since it is completely dissolved (verses powder form or extended release) I feed my plumies once every two weeks, and I ALWAYS water my plants first, before feeding them the fertilizer. If you feed them with the soil dry, you can burn the plants/roots...A lot of people also spray their plants with the fertilizer, but I've found that feeding them at soil level works just as good for me... Once September/October rolls around, I'll stop feeding them the super bloom so they can prepare for dormancy (which is about November/ early December where I'm at) Different people do different things depending on where they live, so I'm sure you will find some variation to what I do. Hope this helps!

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Thanks Joanna, That certainly does help. I haven't had a bloom all year. My plants look "ok" but not great. This is really my first year with them, so still learning what to do. Wondering what it is about them that has gotten me, and seems so many others, so hooked on them.
Thanks again for your input.

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My plumeria is blooming like crazy...all in the last year. I guess it loves the new location...it gets morning and afternoon filtered sun.....same with my Gardenia. I think filtering is important.
It's blooming so much that I water a lot and use fertilizer every week with half strength food.
It's just in the last week that a few leaves turned yellow.
I thik it's a sign that the dormancy time is coming. Our weather has been so weird that dormancy may come earlier this year.

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I have searched to find a fertilizer that is 10-50-10 with no luck what so ever. But I have found a couple with a higher middle number so got them. I have had no blooms at all this summer, but by what lilboy says, think I will move them all out to the pool cage. Hmmmm...might not be room enough left for the humans.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Find out where gardeners go. Usually a farm supply is the place and they have everything or can get it (in a nursery a bloom fert. costs about $5 a pound, in bulk from a farm supply I pay 70 cents a pound.), Many nurseries have bloom fertilizers just no Miracle gro because it causes long term problems (it is for short time quick growth like annuals or vegies but has soil problems after a few years). Joanna's information was correct. Stop fertilizing about 90 days from your cool down time. bill

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Thanks Bill, I will head to a nursery today to see what I can find. I have had not one bloom yet this year, quite dissappointed about that. Now looking up at your post and seeing to stop the fertilizing about 90 days prior to cold, hunh, that would be three months...that would be...November now...Sooooo....spose I'll wait....However, think I'll check out that nursery advise today anyway...

Thanks all, Lauri

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dweav(9- Texas Coast)

I changed up this year. I was using Super bloom and have been reading a lot about the salt it leave and how hard it is on your plants. I was hitting them every two weeks. I now have started using Br61 once a month and dropped back to an 8-8-8 every second week. It has seemed to hurt my blooms and the plants look stronger to me.


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Well I went to a nursery today and got a 9-59-8 fertilizer. It is called "ferti-lome" Blooming & Rooting soluble plant food. Those numbers seemed pretty good to me. Not sure if I should use it now though, or wait untill the beginning of next season. Votes please?

Thanks, Lauri

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