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kuvaszlvrJuly 13, 2012

Ok, is it common that bhut and hab fruits have few mostly questionable seeds per fruit? So far all of the fruits I've collected from my bhut and habs have had less than 20 seeds/fruit, the majority are not healthy, they are black and small. I have gotten less than 10, usually less than 5 healthy seeds/fruit. Is that normal with them? sheesh, my Black Pearl, Bol. Rainbow, and Pequin are full of nice healthy seeds (the tiny pequins have 20+ seeds per fruit all healthy, they are all seeds).

Can you give me any ideas of what to do to get more seeds from my bhuts and habs? They've been outside in our blazing heat and I've just recently brought them into the sun room, where the pequin has been all summer. should less heat and sun help seed production?


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I find similar results with Bhuts, usually the upper most seeds are the best formed and as you get lower towards the tip the worse it gets. Only thing that seemed to increase seed volume is to leave it on the plant longer and let it get darker red. I have collected 20-30 seeds per pod sometimes less.


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I agree with Mark. I sometimes get 20 to 30 seeds and quite often only a dozen . Too many factors play into it.

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Thanks guys. I just think it's interesting that a pepper fruit less than 1/10 the size of a Hab has more seeds. So frustrating. Maybe I'll just go back to buying those seeds and not bother.

I usually wait until the fruit gets ripe, then leave it on until it gets a tad bit soft (just ever so slightly softer than fully ripe). I was afraid, with all the black small seeds that I was leaving it on too long and the seeds were starting to rot.

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Buying them take the fun out of growing and harvesting them ;-) the black seeds specs are normal I just think its undeveloped seeds. If you need more I have a handful I can send you.


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I have seen seeds get black / moldy if the fruit is left too long, whether on the counter or on the plant. Particularly the orange habanero I have... Sometimes things happen - ya know?

Most of the time I consider a low number of seeds a good thing. There are a few peppers I have grown that do have almost too few seeds, but, that's not an issue for me. But, I'm not growing acres of plants either. Just a few each year.

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Yeah Mark, but, since I grow the plants to sell at the herb festivals, I need to make sure I have plenty of seeds (as I prefer to do it the old fashion way and grow my peppers from seeds ;-) cloning is too much work). Thanks for the offer, but yeah, I need a lot more than a handful, 100+ red bhut seeds alone.

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