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dossiemayMarch 25, 2006

I have rose cuttings and begonia cuttings--let me know what you have to

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I have mums...various colors?

Let me know!

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I have the following -
JenÂs Trade List Â
Ageratum, hardy  plant
Alocasia Esculenta (Common Elephant Ear) - plant
*Amaranthis Viridis (Love-lies-bleeding)
*Asiatic dayflower
*BabyÂs breath
Bamboo  plant, spreader
* Birdhouse gourd
*Blanket flower
Bryophyllum delagoense(Chandelier Plant Mother of Thousands)- plants
*Buddleia, purp
*California poppy, wh
*Canna, Std, tall red
*Canna lily salmon blooms
*Castor bean carmensita  out
*Catalpa bignoides
*Cattail bog
Century plant  plant
*Chasmanthium latifolium (Northern Sea oats)
Chlorophytum comosum (Spider plant/airplane plant) - plant
**Confederate Jasmine, fragrant climber - cuttings
*Cornus flowering
*Crepe myrtle, pk
*Cypress Vine
Cympopogon citrates (West Indian or Thai Lemon Grass) Â plant
*Datura, white with purple cast
Epipremum pinnatum (Golden Pothos)- plant
**Eucalyptus - cuttings
Fern, Southern Sword - plant
Fern, Ostrich - plant
Firecracker plant - plant
*Four oÂclock mix
Foxglove penstemon -plants
*Gomphrena purple
**Hedera helix (English Ivy, common) - cuttings
Helianthus maximiliani (MaximilianÂs sunflower) - plant
*Hibiscus Rose of Sharon
*Ilex cassine (dahoon holly)
*Jerusalem cherry
Kalanchoe, red orange - plant
*Lantana, mixed
*Lemon basil
Lemon  plant seedling
*Marigold mixed
*Marigold Disco mixed
MaximillanÂs sunflower  plant
**Mexican Petunia - cuttings
*Milkweed, pink
*Mimosa pudica (Sensitive plant)
*Morning Glory Heavenly Blue - out
Nephytis white butterfly Âplant
**Oleander pinkÂoleander yellowÂoleander white - cuttings
**Optunia ficus indica(Smooth Prickly Pear) - cuttings
Periwinkle, mixed  plants
Palm  plant seedling
**Rose ,fragrant red climber - cuttings
*Senecio confuses (Mexican Flame vine), orange
*Senna alata candlesticks
Spearmint - plant
Tradescantia purple spiderwort - plant
Tradescantia pallida(Purple heart setcreasea) Â plant
Tradescantia spathacea (Mosses-in-a-basket/ Oyster Plant/ Boatlily) Âplant
*Wisteria, Japanese
Wondering Jew- plant
*Zinnias, mixed

 * seeds

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I have a LOT of plants, looking for Madegascar Jamsin and night blooming jasmin. If you live in a hot place, please ask me for any scented tropical you might be dreaming of; I probably own it.



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