chocolate colored peppers

kuvaszlvrJuly 9, 2012

Hi guys, I'm trying to think of some really nice chocolate colored peppers (maybe the color of a Chocolate Hab, or Bhut), heat level under 100K, shape similar to serrano maybe. This may be stupid, but you know, Peter peppers come in red, yellow, and orange... why not chocolate? I started thinking, why not try to come up with a chocolate variety. But I can't think of any nicely colored chocolate peppers other than the 2 I listed. I guess I could go with a Black Hungarian. Any ideas?


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Hi Pam,

Maybe if you want a project cross a Peter Pepper with a Berbere Brown pepper since is about the same shape and size and get a choc peter pepper.

Hope this helps


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Is the Berbere Brown, the same as the Ethiopian Berbere? Bill gave me some seeds this season, the plant is not big enough for flowers yet, but so far it's healthy.

I haven't tried one of the peters yet, but so many rave about their flavor and consistent heat level.

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Not sure if they are the same. I did look them up online and looks to be either red or brown so not too clear. Guess you may have to wait or ask Bill if they ripen to brown or ripen to red.

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